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Think You Might Need Transmission Repair?

If you're experiencing any of the following issues, there's a good chance your transmission needs repair, or at the very minimum, transmission service.

Transmission shifting delay. Does your vehicle pause before moving when shifting from park? Are you experiencing any pause in forward motion when your vehicle is shifting into first gear, or beyond first gear? Is there a delayed vehicle response when you shift from park to reverse?
Transmission slipping, grinding, or jumping during acceleration when the car is shifting gears.
Car shaking at any speed.
A burnt smell coming from under your hood.
Fluid visibly leaking from the vehicle.
Clunking, screeching or whistling sounds coming from the vehicle.
Cloudy, thick or foul smelling transmission fluid on dipstick.
Gear shifter is physically hard to move or won't go into gear (on manual transmissions).

If you're experiencing these issues, it's time to schedule an appointment at AUTOVISION.

Common Transmission Problems

While there are a lot of different transmission problems that require repair and servicing, here are some of the most common:

Leaks or contamination of transmission fluid

Manual transmission vehicles need transmission fluid to keep gears lubricated and to prevent grinding. Automatic transmission vehicles need transmission fluid to create the hydraulic pressure that actually powers movement within the transmission. Without the right amount of clean and debris-free transmission fluid, transmissions can overheat and essential gears can slip, surge, or become ground down, and - especially in the case of automatic transmissions - total vehicle failure can occur.

Worn gear synchronizers (for manual transmissions)

In manual transmission systems, gear synchronizers are the transmission component that makes the gear you are about to shift into spin at the same speed as the gear you are shifting from. Worn gear synchros are a common manual transmission problem, and if untreated, can cause transmission failure.

Worn clutch (manual transmissions)

A worn clutch is another common manual transmission problem. The clutch in a manual transmission system can become worn due to mechanical error if there is a hydraulic fluid leak in the clutch master cylinder, or by human error if the driver is frequently accelerating and shifting through the gears without releasing his or her foot from the clutch. This can burn up a manual transmission clutch quickly and will result in a clutch replacement service.

Gear slipping

If the transmission is slipping but it has the correct amount of fluid, or if the transmission is going in and out of gear, the link that holds the gears may be broken or worn out. This needs to be repaired as soon as possible, as it could pose a safety risk while you are driving.

Failed needle roller bearings (automatic transmissions)

Needle bearings are small, lightweight roller bearings that help prevent gears in the automatic transmission's torque converter from grinding. If the transmission's needle bearings become worn or sluggish, it wears down the transmission gears prematurely.

Transmission Service Can Prevent the Need for Transmission Repair

It's important to note that routine transmission service is needed to prevent bigger issues down the road that cause the need for transmission repair and replacement.

If you're having any transmission issues – or if it's been a while since your car was last serviced – request an appointment today.

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