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Tune up

Time for a Tune Up?

Motor oil lubricates your engine and keeps it cool by picking up debris, grime, & other contaminants that circulate through your car's engine when the engine is running.

Over time, the oil starts to break down. When this happens, it no longer protects your engine or the engine's components.

Having an oil change service performed annually, or according to your make and model’s specific recommendations, ensures that your engine will continue performing well and that you'll avoid needing engine repair or engine replacement for as long as possible.

What Does a Tune Up Service Include?

When you have a tune-up performed, it will typically include the replacement of several important wear-and-tear parts and areas of focus:

- Engine air filter replacement
- Cabin air filter replacement
- Replacing plugs, wires, and other parts of the ignition system
- Fuel filter replacement
- Oil filter replacement
- PCV valve replacement
- Belt checks and potential replacement
- Hose checks and potential replacement
- Oil change
- Coolant change
- Brake fluid
- Transmission service
- Power steering service
- Battery checks and potential battery replacement
- Electrical checks and potential electrical repair
- Fault code scan

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If you own a German or European vehicle it's important to bring your car to a shop that focuses exclusively on these types of vehicles, like AUTOVISION. We're European auto repair experts.

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